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Helping your son have a great Tee-Ball Season

By MBA, 01/13/24, 3:45AM EST



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InclYOUsion Sports Parent Tips for Successful Baseball/Softball/Tee Ball Season

You’ve registered your child for their age appropriate little league. You’ve purchased the cleats, the pants, the bat, the glove, and the helmet as suggested by the registration website. The opening day ceremonies are approaching, and you’re wondering, how the heck is this going to go for my child?

If this sounds like you, we have been there as parents. It can be daunting to step into a new sports world that seems so established with its customs and the social infrastructure of the families who have been in the league for years. We’re here to offer you some encouragement!

Below are our go-to tips for starting a successful new sports season. These have been tested and confirmed with our own 5-year-old ;)

Teach your child the basics

If children understand the basics of throwing, catching, running, fielding, and batting, they’re going to walk onto the field with internal confidence that they can lean on, even if externally they’re nervous and shy. And the good news for you is you don’t have to be an expert on the game to review the basics with them.

You may consider starting the conversation by showing pictures and videos of people playing the sport. Give your child a visual understanding of what the sport looks like. In parallel, explain the fundamentals one at a time in basic terminology, and show the child with your own body how to perform each action (e.g., the movement of hitting). Next, using a safe space indoors or outdoors, have the child perform the different skills and ask you questions. If helpful, correct any issues with form by putting your hands over theirs and standing behind them to show them the correct way. Make it fun and be silly!

Review expectations for practices and games

We all benefit from knowing what to expect about new activities with new people, otherwise it can feel overwhelming. If not proactively offered by your child’s coach, ask what the structure, time, place of practices and/or games will be. Will there be a set schedule followed? Is there warm up before? Once confirmed, share these expectations with your child in advance so they understand how the activity will flow. Consider offering other meaningful details like when the child can expect to have a snack or use the playground (if there’s one nearby).

Cheer them on!

Don’t underestimate the power of positive reinforcement! Save your criticisms and ideas for improvement for later, and focus on how proud you are of your child for trying a new activity, learning new skills, and being around new friends and coaches. Look for opportunities to point out little things that will boost their confidence. Maybe your child leaned the bat up against the fence as they were asked, or gave their teammate a high-five, or sat patiently on the bench waiting for their turn to bat. Cheering on these small victories instead of only when they hit a ball far or make a big catch will encourage them to keep up these behaviors in future situations.

Above all else, have fun! Trying new sports can be intimidating for parents and children alike, so have grace with everyone involved.

Would you be interested in a parent’s guide to teaching the basics of tee ball/baseball/softball to your child? Leave a thumbs up in the comments below!

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