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Please use the same account to register for the work bond and raffle.


The registration system will automatically present the divisions that are available based on your child's age. Please note that payment must be made in full at the completion of registration or the registration will not be processed nor will we have a record that a registration was attempted. If you have reason to believe that your registration was not complete or did not reach the page to enter your credit card information please reach out to us at once.

(2) Challenger Buddy 2021

Register to be a buddy in MBSA's Challenger division.

Opened: 12/17/2020
Closes: 12/31/2021

Open to: Boys & Girls
born between: 01/01/1930 and 09/06/2008

Challenger Division Spring 2021

The Challenger Division

The purpose of MBSA's new Challenger Division is geared to enable individuals with physical and developmental challenges to participate in an adaptive baseball program based on the template set forth by Little League International.

Open to any individual with a physical or intellectual challenge between the ages of 4 and 18, (or up to 22 if still enrolled in school), the division will be adaptive and flexible, thus the games might be played as tee ball, coach pitch player pitch games, or a combination of the three.
whatever method employed, division  participants will gain the opportunity to enjoy the game of baseball along with the millions of other children who participate in this sport worldwide.



Every Challenger player will have a Challenger Buddy. Buddies help players who have physical and developmental disabilities play baseball as much or as little as needed by the individual player. The Buddies primary responsibility is to make sure the players have fun, while learning and playing the game of baseball in a safe environment. Buddies may be comprised of volunteers from the High School Baseball team as well players from other division within the MBSA.
All buddies go through mandatory Challenger Buddy training.


Players will receive hats and uniforms from the league. A nominal fee will be charged to help offset these costs.


Base Cost: $20.00

Opened: 12/17/2020
Closes: 09/01/2021

Open to:
born between: 09/01/1998 and 09/30/2014

2021 Spring Fundraising Raffle


Each family is required to sell or purchase (10) $10 tickets which will be distributed by the league to the team managers and then to each family during the season.  The ticket stubs must be returned to the team manager prior to the drawing..

The drawing will be held at the MBSA booth during Manalapan Day.  125 stubs will be drawn at random.  Those who hold the matching tickets to the winning stubs will receive a visa gift card valued at $150.  The winning ticket numbers will be posted on the MBSA website for 30 days following the drawing. 

Please use the same account to register for the bond and raffle.



Base Cost: $100.00

Opened: 11/03/2020
Closes: 06/01/2021

Spring 2021 Work Bond

The Work Bond

Please insure that the same account is used to register for the work bond and the raffle.



The MBSA enforces a Volunteer Work Bond policy. Work Bonds are collected once per calendar year with the spring registration fees and are refunded within 45 days of the volunteer's obligation being met. There are myriad opportunities available to satisfy the work bond requirements.  Members can find a list of the opportunities and sign up for them by visiting the Volunteer Opportunities page.  Volunteer opportunities exist throughout the year until mid-November after which your work bond will be forfeited. It is the volunteers responsibility to confirm completion of your work bond obligation to the volunteer coordinator by completing the Work Bond Reimbursement Form.

Work Bond refunds must by claimed by October 1st of the year volunteered or they they will be forfeited.

Base Cost: $100.00

Opened: 11/03/2020