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Jeff Laxer

Disciplinary Investigation Regarding Complaint Against Mr. Jeff Laxer


The committee convened this morning, the second of February 2014 to look into the performance and behavior as well as allegations against Mr. Jeff Laxer while serving on The Manalapan Baseball and Softball Association Board of Directors.  The goal of the committee was to determine the veracity of said allegations and whether the aforementioned was detrimental to the best interests of the MBSA.



Background:  On October 29, 2013 the officers of the MBSA (Mike Bremen, Anthony Coniglio, Rob Carlson, and Lori Hyman) met with Mr. Laxer to discuss multiple transgressions while acting as an MBSA Board Member.  Included among these were the unauthorized signing of contracts, unauthorized ordering of equipment, and unauthorized ordering of trophies.  After initially trying to place the blame on others for his transgressions, Mr. Laxer finally admitted to wrongdoing.  The board admonished him and urged him in the strongest of terms that there would be no allowance for failure to act in accordance with organizational rules and in the group’s best interests.   



Following an exhaustive review of the record the committee has found the following:


1.  Mr. Laxer has failed to perform his duties in a satisfactory manner and this contributed harm to the organization.


  • Failed as field coordinator to provide a crucial document to the MBSA president.  
    • It is felt this was done with intention and malice, nearly jeopardizing the league’s spring field allocation.
  • Failed to properly bid out contracts from vendors or have them authorized.
  • Undertook the task of transitioning the organization to a new credit card merchant.  An endeavor that after 3 years of non-completion was turned over to others who succeeded in under a month.  This failure cost the organization tens of thousands of dollars in unnecessary interest and fees. 


2.   Mr. Laxer has repeatedly shown an inability to work successfully with other board members and has contributed to a “gumming up of the works” rather than advancing the interest at hand.

  • Multiple board members have described a reluctance on Mr. Laxer’s part to provide information necessary to allow those directors to complete important tasks.  
  • When asked to provide important information for transitioning fundraising raffle to other members replied he was too busy to assist and then failed to return phone calls. Due to the timelines involved, this refusal put the league’s key fundraising vehicle in jeopardy.



 3.  Has repeatedly acted out of self-interest and in conflict to the organization’s best interest.  

Whether betraying organizational confidentiality, politicking against other volunteers, steering organizational fruits towards individual gain, or acting in a manner that advances negative perceptions of the group, the committee has found that Mr. Laxer placed the interests of himself above the interests of the MBSA.  



As a result of it’s findings, the disciplinary committee has moved to suspend Mr. Jeff Laxer from the MBSA board of directors for a period of not less than 1 year commencing on February 2, 2014. Reinstatement at the end of said period will not occur automatically rather application must be made to the board of directors who will then decide such by a majority vote.  


This determination by the MBSA disciplinary committee on this 2ndday of February 2014 has been reached unanimously and without bias or prejudice.


Greg Guaneri

Rob Carlson

Anthony Coniglio

Michael Melman