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Batting Lineup Template (MS Word) - This is a template batting lineup card. Prepare 2 copies, 15 minutes before game time and present one to visiting team score keeper and one to the home team score keeper. Use your copy for batting lineup in dugout.


Roster and Positions (Excel) - Putting a youth baseball lineup together can be like solving a Rubics Cube. To move one cell, you have to move three more to get it all lined up. It is hard. This spreadsheet was built to help coaches ensure they put together a defensive lineup that evenly distribute playing time across infield and outfield positions - as is the spirit of Manalapan Baseball and Softball Association.  


Hey Coaches and players we've uploaded some Cal & Bill Ripken videos for you to look at in your spare time to work on your techniques and to also learn new ones over the summer.  Please watch the site for new enhancements and training information to help you become a better coach as well as a player.


Video 1 - Outfield Relay -

Video 2 - Backhand Drill -

Video 3 - Pitcher Covering First -

Video 4 -Underhand Flip Drill -

Video 5 - SS Double Play Pivot Drill -

Video 6 - Firstbase Basics -

Video 7 - 2B Double Play Pivot Drill -

Video 8 - Throw after the Catch Drill -