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4-6 YEAR OLD T-BALL DIVISION – Rules of Play 


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Rules as shown in the Minor League and T Ball Rule book are in effect except as listed in the following rules.  The Rules can only be changed with approval of the MBSA Board of Directors.  Manager/Coaches cannot change the rules under any circumstance. 

Only managers and coaches approved by the MBSA may supervise the players in games and practices.  While parents may assist, there must be an approved manager or coach in-charge.

All Managers and Coaches MUST wear their Manalapan Township volunteer badge and abide by the “Manalapan Parks and Recreation Volunteer Code of Conduct” and have read and agree to the “Manalapan Parks and Recreation Background Check Policy”.  Managers are responsible for the acts of their coaches and parents. 

Games and practice dates/times can only be scheduled or rescheduled by the league Commissioners.  All incidents should be reported immediately. 


  • This is a non-competitive division:
  • Make it fun for all levels of skill
  • Give each player a chance to play all positions (be careful with first)
  • Mix up your batting order – give every child a chance to bat high in the order
  • All practice and games are on Saturdays:
  • Practice/Game time 90 minutes
  • First 2-weeks purely instructional
  • Remaining weeks – 4 inning game/break/remaining time instruction
  • Assign a parent each week to be responsible for drink/snack at break
  • Suggested Bat size - 25"/26" long. 2¼" diameter, max. 17 to 20 ounces. All bats must say T-Ball Little League approved with a USA Baseball logo.  Wood bats are acceptable.
  • Gloves – 10” long, max. or labeled for T-Ball use
 Field of Play:
  • Every player bats and plays in the field
  • Have players sit on bench in batting order
  • On-deck ready to play/no practice swings
  • Fielding positions
  • Pitcher (must wear caged helmet)
  • 1st, 2nd, SS, 3rd, Behind 2nd base
  • Up to 6 outfielders
  • Rotate outfield/infield every inning
  • The ball is hit off a batting tee; there is no pitching
  • 50ft between bases, pitcher's mound at 38ft
  • Draw flexible imaginary line from first to third. All infielders (except for the pitcher) must be behind the line until ball is hit.
  • Only approved managers/coaches are allowed on the field.  Parents may help as long as at least one manager/coach is present