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9‐10 year olds

Spring 2018 District 19 West ‐ Inter League Softball Rules

Rules approved by Colts Neck, Freehold Township, Manalapan and Marlboro LL Boards




Pitchers mound distance = 35'

4 innings max per game, no weekly max

At the start of the seaon, the following rule shall apply: After a player pitcher has given up a combination of three (3) walks

and/or hit by pitch in an inning, no further walking is permitted in that half inning.

A player willcontinue topitch, but if thecount reachesball four (4),the batter’sCoach willpitch to thebatter until theplayer hits orstrikes out.The pitcher willresumepitching to thenext batter andthis format willcontinue untilthe inning isover. The Umpirecontinues tocall balls andstrikes (thecount does notreset). If apitcher throwsat least onepitch in aninning, itcounts as anentire inning.    A hit battercounts as awalk. If

there arebases loadedwhen a batteris hit (even if itis the 4th walkof it by batterthat inning), arun will scoreand the batter will go to firstsubject to thebelow hit bypitch rule. Incertaincircumstances,a walk canforce in a run.Morespecifically, If a

batter is hit by a pitch after the 3 walks/hit by pitch limit has occurred the batter will take first base subject to the umpire's

Starting on Saturday, May 13, 2017, there will be no coach pitch.

If pitcher removed during the game, she may re‐enter as pitcher ONCE per game.


At start of the season, unlimited steals, all bases except home. No elayed steals are allowed (see 9 below)

Starting on Saturday, May 13, all based including home may be stolen and delay steals allowed at that time

No Leading. May leave the base when the ball crosses the plate.

Penalty forleaving early ‐Dead Ball (noplay even if batterhits ball), returnrunner. Issue 1warning per teamper game, 2ndtime runner is out.

No Limit on overthrow, anchored at third. Starting on Saturday, May 13, players are not anchored at third

Run Cap / Mercy

4 per inning max, except last. No mercy rule in effect during regular season

Playoffs: Mercy ‐12 after 4, 10 after 5 (still 4 runs per inning max)

Infield Fly Rule

Not in effect

Dropped 3rd Strike

Not in effect


Permitted, no pull back & swing ‐ Penalty dead ball


MUST bat full roster (continuous). Free substitutions.

# of Fielders


10. The 10thplayer must be anoutfielder andmay not start playat second base.Outfielders muststart 10 feetbehind second base or in thegrass, whicheveris shorter. Afterthe ball is put inplay, theoutfielder maycover a base. 10fielders in playoffs

Overthrow From Field

Runners mayadvancedunlimited baseson throw fromoutfield. UntilMay 12, thefollowing rulesare in effect:When an infielder

attempts tothrow the ball tothe pitcher whois inside thecircle, play stopsandbaserunnerscan no longeradvance. Ifrunners are ontheir way to thenext base (atumpiresdiscretion) thenthey areawarded nextbase. Noadvance onoverthrows fromthe catcher tothe pitcher, whois in the circle

Courtesy Runner

Mandatory, remove catcher with 2 outs, last batted out runs. Discretionary if less than 2 outs.

Borrowing of players


May borrow fromother team tofield full team,only playdefense. Noforfeits. If teamhas 7 players ormore, then therewill be noautomatic outs.If less then 7,then oneautomatic out foreach numberbelow 7. Mayalso borrow frompool playersfrom the specifictown. Discretionshould be used ifusing poolplayers (ie. donot take the 3best players fromthe other teams.)

Warm‐up of pitcher

Only players may warm up pitchers. Managers or coaches are NOT PERMITTED to warm up pitcher

Coaches on Field

First & Third Base Coaches. No defensive coaches on the field.

Hit by Pitch

Not in effect during coach pitch, in effect player pitch. If a batter is hit by a pitched ball that rolls into the batter's box and the

batter makes noattempt to alludethe ball, theumpire shall callthe pitch a balland the countshall continue.A pitch thatstrikes a batter on the fly or after a bounce will result in the batter receiving first base. It is the umpire's discretion to determine whether or notan attempt wasmade to moveout of the way ofa pitch. If noattempt made,no base.


1. Game duration: Six (6) innings for all levels subject to time restrictions

  • At 1:30 from Scheduled start time the NEXT inning shall become the last inning (finish the current inning and play one more inning).
  • On weekday games at fields with lights, home team manager may advise that start time is actual start time, not scheduled start time.
  • Playoff use time limit of 1:45. Championship games to be played to completion, and the Championship may be continued to another day.
  • Sliding: Players are required to slide (or avoid contact) when going into any base when there is a play. Discretion of umpire. No head first slides.
  • Playoffs ‐ minimum of 8 players to not be a forfeit. If only 8, one automatic out. No pool players.
  • No on‐deck batters allowed to swing a bat.
  • Winning manager must report score at, town head, and division head immediately.
  • Home team supplies 2 game balls.
  • Bats must be BPF 1.20 only.
  • Cheering by parents should only be for their own team and should never be directed to the opposing team.

9. A delayed steal is when the runner leaves at the time the catcher throws the ball back to the pitcher.


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