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Spring 2018 District 19 West ‐ Inter League Softball Rules

7‐8 year olds

Rules approved by Colts Neck, Freehold Township, Manalapan and Marlboro LL Boards


Pitchers mound distance = 35'

3 innings max per game, 6 max per week (a week is Sunday‐Saturday). Playoffs: 4 innings max, no weekly max

At the start of the season, coaches will pitch the odd innings and players will pitch the even innings (using "player pitching" rules below).

Beginning Saturday, May 12 players will pitch each inning, using the following "player pitching" rules

After player pitcher throws four (4) balls and does not retire the batter, the batter's coach comes in and finishes pitching to that batter. The coach assumes the count and the umpire continues to call balls and strikes. After the coach enters to pitch, the BATTER will either put the ball in play or strike out to end their at bat. There will be no walks. THE PLAYER PITCHER WILL THEN RESUME PITCHING TO THE NEXT BATTER. AFTER THE PLAYER PITCHER HAS “WALKED” THEIR FOURTH BATTER, THE COACH WILL STAY IN FOR THE REMAINDER OF THE INNING. Player pitchers must pitch from the mound at all times. Coach pitcher may move closer to home plate but the player pitcher cannot. Coach pitcher must stay within the circle or 8 feet in front of the rubber. There are no walks unless batter is hit by a player pitcher. If there are bases loaded and a batter is hit by a pitched ball, a run can score and the batter will go to first subject to the below hit by pitch rule. When a coach is pitching. the player pitcher shall stay within the circle. If a pitcher throws at least one pitch in an inning, it counts as an entire inning.


No Stealing or leading. May leave the base when the ball crosses the plate.

Penalty for leaving early ‐ Dead Ball (no play even if batter hits ball), return runner, issue 1 warning per team per game, 2nd time runner is out.

No advancing on overthrow back to pitcher

Run Cap / Mercy

Regular Season: 4 run max per inning, all innings Playoffs: 4 run max per inning except last full inning which will be unlimited. No mercy rule in effect.

Infield Fly Rule - Not in effect

Dropped 3rd Strike - Not in effect

Bunting - Not allowed

Batting - MUST bat full roster (continuous)

Substitution - Free

# of Fielders - 10. The 10th player must be an outfielder and may not start play at second base. Outfielders must start 10 feet behind second base or in the grass, whichever is shorter. After the ball is put in play, the outfielder may cover a base.

Overthrow From Field - No advancing on overthrow from field

Ball hit to the outfield - When the ball is hit into the outfield, base runners may continue to advance until there's an attempt to throw the ball into the infield. At that time, play stops and baserunners can no longer advance. If runners are on their way to the next base (at umpires discretion) then they are awarded the next base

Courtesy Runner - Mandatory, remove catcher with 2 outs, last batted out runs. Discretionary if less than 2 outs.

Borrowing Players - May borrow from other team to field full team, only play defense. No forfeits. If team has 7 players or more, then there will be no automatic outs. If less then 7, then one automatic out for each number below 7. May also borrow from pool players from the specific town. Discretion should be used if using pool players (ie. do not take the 3 best players from the other teams.)

Warm‐up of pitcher - Only players may warm up pitchers. Managers or coaches are NOT PERMITTED to warm up pitcher

Coaches on Field - Permitted behind home plate and behind fielders to help coach players and speed up game. Players must be positioned in the appropriate positions.

Hit by Pitch - Not in effect during coach pitch, in effect player pitch. If a batter is hit by a pitched ball that rolls into the batter's box and the batter makes no attempt to allude the ball, the umpire shall call the pitch a ball and the count shall continue. A pitch that strikes a batter on the fly or after a bounce will result in the batter receiving first base. It is the umpire's discretion to determine whether or not an attempt was made to move out of the way of a pitch. If no attempt made, no base.

1. Game duration: Six (6) innings for all levels subject to time restrictions ‐ At 1:15 from Scheduled start time the NEXT inning shall become the last inning (finish the current inning and play one more inning).

‐ On weekday games at fields with lights, home team manager may advise that start time is actual start time, not scheduled start time.

‐ Playoff use time limit of 1:45. Championship games to be played to completion, and the Championship may be continued to another day.

2. Sliding: Players are required to slide (or avoid contact) when going into any base when there is a play. Discretion of umpire. No head first slides.

3. Playoffs ‐ minimum of 8 players to not be a forfeit. If only 8, one automatic out. No pool players.

4. No on‐deck batters allowed to swing a bat.

5. Winning manager must report score at, town head, and division head immediately.

6. Home team supplies 2 game balls.

7. Bats must be BPF 1.20 only.

8. Cheering by parents should only be for their own team and should never be directed to the opposing team.


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