2019 Financial Obligations | Manalapan Baseball and Softball Association
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Registration Fee - $550

            The approximated cost to play Travel baseball in the Spring and Fall includes the following:

  • Spring and Fall Registration fees for USABL (www.usabl.com)
  • Complete Uniforms which included the following:
    • Jersey, Practice Shirt, Pants, Belt, Socks, Caps and Helmets
    • Memorial Day Tournament (up to $650 and can be teams choice on where to play)
    • MBSA Labor Day Tournament

Registration Fees will be due on the following dates:

  • October – Tryout Deposit $350 (Note: No refunds will be given if you tryout. The tryout is your commitment. A refund will ONLY be given if  your son is not placed on a team)
  • December 15th, 2018 – Second Payment $100
  • January 15th, 2019 – Final Payment $100

Lottery Tickets (February and April) - $300

            The purpose of the Lottery Ticket sales is to fund the indoor winter training. Each team will receive $2400 that will go directly to training. Each family will get 10 tickets ($15/each) that will have a random # from 000-999. During the months of February and April, if the pick-3 (evening) number comes out straight, you win $100. You can either sell the tickets or purchase them outright.

  • January 31st, 2018 - $150 due with ticket stubs
  • March 31st, 2018 - $150 due with ticket stubs
  • Teams are responsible to contract their own training

Travel Dinner Dance / Event - $160-$170 per couple + Raffle Ticket $50

            All travel families must sell or buy 2 tickets. This event is a fundraiser to assist with the costs of sending the 12-year old teams to the Cooperstown Dreams Park Tournament. Date of event is usually September/October. There will be additional raffles that will be pre-sold or sold at the event. Every travel team must participate.

Team Fundraising

            Any additional funds needed above and beyond the required above is at the sole discretion and responsibility of each individual team. The team funds can be used for additional training, tournaments, training equipment, team apparel, etc. Also your team needs to start building reserves for Cooperstown when they reach the age of 12. Additional fundraising covers coaches, trading pins, apparel, etc which will be the responsibility of the manager to handle.

  • All money is to be deposited by the MBSA Travel Treasurer
  • Each team is responsible to keep track of all money in their accounts
  • MBSA Travel Treasurer will work with each team to insure all accounting is accurate.

REC Baseball

            For the Spring time only, all travel players are required to play REC baseball in the Spring. The Fall season is optional.

Total Cost Spring/Fall Travel Baseball

            $1,060 per family – inclusive of Registration Fee, Lottery and Dinner Dance/Event (does not including any additional fundraising activity).  Or

            $760 per family – if you can sell your Lottery Tickets