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MBSA Accident and Injury Information


The Manalapan Baseball and Softball Association provides all members with secondary insurance coverage to protect against against or injury on the field of play during games and practices.  Secondary Insurance is designed to pick up that which is unreimbursed by the primary policy such as co-insurance and deductibles. If no other insurance is in effect, a letter from the parent/guardian or claimant’s employer explaining the lack of group or employer insurance should accompany the claim form. 

In order to facilitate the reimbursement process you must submit a claim form along with all itemized medical bills along with a statement of reimbursement from the primary carrier.  Failure to include documentation of unreimbursed expenses will delay processing of your claim. 


How to File Your Claim

  1. Click Here to Download an Accident/Injury Claim Form
  2. Complete form and attach Itemized Bills and Statement of Unreimbursed Expenses
  3. Forward One copy to the Division Commissioner and the other to:  Bob McCloskey Insurance