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Frequently Asked Questions


  1. What is the age requirement for playing in the program?  The Braves are organized by age with a cutoff date of May 1st. A child’s age on April 30th of the year the travel team will be playing games dictates which team he is eligible for.  For example: If your child is trying out for a travel team that will be playing during the 2015 season and is 8 years old on April 30, 2015 he/she will try out for the 8 year old team.
  2. Does it cost to try out?  There is a $350 tryout fee which is due prior to the tryout.  If a child does not make one of the teams the fee is refunded.
  3. How many tryouts must a child attend?  Each child is required to attend 1 tryout.
  4. When are the teams announced?  Teams that tryout in October are announced by late November.  Teams that tryout in June are announced by mid-July.   
  5. Can a player change their mind about playing after they've tried out?  A player may withdraw their name from consideration and still receive the tryout deposit back so long as notification is is given prior to October 15.  Failure to adhere to this deadline will result in forfeiture of the deposit.
  6. What if a player changes their mind about playing after the selections have been announced?  Any player who withdraws their name after team selections have been announced is prohibited from trying out for the Braves in the following year.
  7. My child tried out in the summer for 7U.  What is included and when will he try out again? Newly formed 7U teams will spend their inaugural fall season focusing on training and becoming acclimated to the rigors of travel baseball.  The team will play a tournament in October in lieu of a USABL season and will tryout for 8U the following summer. 
  8. What is the policy regarding playing on outside travel teams while on the Braves?  Players are forbidden from playing on outside travel teams.  Conflicts with other sports, schedules, and other issues will not be tolerated. Only academic, religious, or serious family conflicts will be considered excusable for missing games or practices.
  9. What if a child is unable to fulfill their commitment due to injury?  If a player is unable to play for the Braves due to illness or injury, the parents may request, in writing to the MBSA Executive Travel Board, a refund for a portion of the fees paid to play Travel Baseball (registration fee) only. The refunded fees will be prorated and fees paid to purchase equipment, any other item, or event may not be refunded. 
  10. I have a problem with my child's manager.  What can I do?  The first step in such a situation is to talk with the child's manager and see fi the problem can be alleviated.  If this fails to solve the problem then the parent should reach out that age groups liason from the travel board.  You should utilize your liason.  He is in place to serve you and insure your travel expereience is as positive as possible
  11. I am hesitant to reach out to the travel board, for if my child's manager finds out he will take it out on him.  This is a common concern among parents, but it is important to understand that correspondence with the travel board is always confidential.  It is crucial that the travel board be made aware of any problems that might be occurring on a team. so that the situation can corrected. The committee can't alleviate any dysfunction if it is not made aware of the problem.  
  12. How does one contact the Executive Travel Board?  The Executive Travel Board is:
  • Michael Melman

  • Jimmy Damato

  • Justin Colletti

  • Joe Ferrar

  • Kevin Horstman

  • Tom Dunn